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Red Cloud Rises, Part 2

I’m here in Bluff. Been here a day but time moves differently in this place and it feels as though I’ve been here for a significant portion of my life. We drove through Monument Valley, by we I mean the priest as his wife. Monument Valley was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Huge rock […]

Let’s Be More Human

A new post on Feminist Theology & Thought about changing our liturgies. Check it out!

My Father Running for Bishop of Western Michigan

Hello Readers! This is an unusual post but one I need to make for clarification purposes. My father Whayne Hougland Jr. (left) is running for Bishop of Western Michigan. I and my family are very proud and excited for him. He’s a wonderful human being and gifted priest.All three of the candidates look great and my prayers are […]


I’ve been shot 10, 50, 100, 1,000 times over and over again and never does my death come. I’m still here, they have all died, everyone is screaming as they cry out in pain for those small bodies, lives ripped away. Senseless as I watch, helpless to change what has been sustained and I am […]

Moses Moment

A burning bush. Angels flying down from the clouds. Being swallowed by a whale alive and spat back out onto the shore of where you should be. A big booming voice from the sky that says clearly and distinctly: “Erin, you should (fill in the blank) thus saith the Lord!” It doesn’t have to be […]