I’m here in Bluff. Been here a day but time moves differently in this place and it feels as though I’ve been here for a significant portion of my life. We drove through Monument Valley, by we I mean the priest as his wife. Monument Valley was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Huge rock […]

We pulled into Tuba City, Arizona with little expectation. It was a dusty town with all the works: boarded up homes, a couple of gas stations, a handful of stray dogs, even a few tumbleweeds. I would need to find a place to hang for a while as I waited for my next ride, which […]

What are you afraid of? What is it that terrifies you? I’m afraid of lots of things. Flying, for one, causes me great fear. My mother is terrified of snakes. My sister, clowns. My husband, going in the red on our monthly budget. We all have fears. Anyone who says otherwise is lying or selling […]

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Memories of my time in Japan and the awesome power of friendship.

The Episcopal Church has started reading the Bible, that’s right folks, we can and do read the Bible. This is the beginning of week 6 with readings from Exodus, Leviticus, the Psalms and Mark. Some of us from the Diocese of Indianapolis are writing for a Bible Challenge Blog sponsored by Trinity Episcopal Church in downtown Indianapolis. The […]

Hello Readers! This is an unusual post but one I need to make for clarification purposes. My father Whayne Hougland Jr. (left) is running for Bishop of Western Michigan. I and my family are very proud and excited for him. He’s a wonderful human being and gifted priest.All three of the candidates look great and my prayers are […]

I remember lying in bed when I was young and crying out for my mother to “Help me! My legs feel broken!” My mom would come running into my room, pull back my blankets and lay her hands on my perfectly healthy legs. She checked the skin and rubbed my knees assuring me that I […]

by erin I walk around with an unspoken… grief? most of the time, unknown to me. Until, I walk into the kitchen to… what? to do something…to get something… interrupted- I stumble. Where am I? Why did I come in here? For a mug? For tea? No. Why, then, did I walk into this room? […]

I’m sitting in the library and across the street there is a group gathered. They are passing out food to those who have none. My husband points out two little boys, maybe eight or nine years old, running up to the people gathered around. They are carrying food as they race up to each person […]